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We are so busy, but so unproductive.Are you tired of constantly being busy, not productive?


Do you run from one meeting to the next, yet never feel like you achieve results?



Are your personal and professional lives suffering because you can’t devote quality time and attention to either?


For more than 15 years, I’ve worked with leaders and professionals in a multitude of industries and all list concerns within minutes of our first meeting. They all have something else in common, too – the desire to move past their overwhelmed, overstressed, and overtired existence and lead a more fulfilled, productive, and intentional life.


Do you want that, too?


I think most of us do. Yet that possibility seems forever out of reach in a world that constantly demands more from us. It’s frustrating when we feel like we work so hard to create enough time with those we care about. Many clients share with me that they don’t feel valued at work, and some share they feel the same at home. That makes my heart sad.


My clients also tell me they simply don’t have any enough time in the day to “get it all done.” Can you relate? If so, I will give you the same tough love I give my clients:

You don't have a time management crisis; you have an attention management crisis. Share on X


Attention Pays is a philosophy to become highly productive and achieve lasting work-life integration. (I don’t believe in the work-life balance myth!) It seems there is one fundamental characteristic that too many of today’s leaders are lacking: the ability to give their undivided attention to whom and what matters most at that moment.


I’m not talking heart-hearted, kinda listening, multitasking, doing something on your phone attention. I mean the deliberate, fully present, look-them-in-the-eye type of attention. This crisis is everywhere I look – in our homes, in our workplaces, in our communities. We think we’re paying attention but we’re not and as a result,  individuals, professionals, and communities, our genuine engagement has dramatically declined. Our attention is being wasted – stolen by technology, constant interruptions, and our own habits.

We have become an attention deficit society. Share on X


We now accept distracted as the norm. We are so focused on technology, our never-ending to-do list, and our lack of time. As a result, we fail to pay attention to the people, priorities, and passions that are truly important to us. And although we are more connected than at any time in history, we are more disconnected from ourselves, each other, from our work, and from our world than ever before.


You know what I’m talking about, therefore I know you see it, too. No one truly pays attention anymore.


Let’s commit to stop that. Join the Attention Revolution as we unveil strategies to change our behaviors and choices as they relate to our attention. Sign up for my newsletter and discover tips, ideas, and inspiration to stay focused and make better choices. Then finally, you can begin paying attention to what matters most in your life.



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