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Are you a Thought Leader in Stilettos?

By August 21, 2012No Comments

A Thought Leader is a subject-matter expert who has unique insights or perspectives to share in their area of expertise. Their ideas are packaged in an accessible and usually attractive format, and they are distributed to a market that is hungry for their insights in direction and solutions to problems. The ideas that they offer are often powerful enough to shift or contribute to the future direction of an industry, community or even a whole way of thinking. A thought leader in stilettos is a women expert… she might also enjoy shoes!

Thought Leaders can be found in practically any existing field of work that you can think of. However, having a thorough knowledge and unique insights into a topic is only the beginning of Thought Leadership. Of equal importance is the Thought Leader’s ability to get their ideas out there into the market and provide solutions.

How to  share thought leadership:

1. Capture what you know, your intellectual property (IP).

2. Package your messages in a relevant and unique way.

3. Deliver your messages into the markets that will value your expertise.

If you are a thought leader in stilettos who wants to capture, package and deliver your expertise in the world (and maybe you would like to commercialize your expertise), if you want to sell your thoughts, let’s chat.

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