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3 Ways to Manage Your Social Media Overwhelm

By March 3, 2015No Comments

Do you feel overwhelmed by social media?

Do you ever waste time on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest?

Wonder how you can get it all done and still manage your social media platforms?

Me too!

I love watching the lives of others and find it quite easy to waste time looking at people’s cute family photos, friends snarky comments while commenting on bad fashion of travellers or pinning running quotes that resonate with me on Pinterest… the only challenge with all that is it doesn’t help achieve my objectives. Sure it’s fun – not productive.

Here are three ways you can manage your social media overwhelm today and still feel connected to people and causes you care about:

Do a social media ‘drive-by’ – this is how we manage our social media with our busy travel schedule. Social media is ‘social’ and that means recognizing others and letting them know you have seen and heard them. Invest 15 minutes while you drink your morning coffee or green juice and quickly ‘drive-by’ the major social media platforms you enjoy. We like posts of Facebook, comment on LinkedIn, retweet someone’s brilliance, pin a fun quote for the day and like photos on Instagram – all within 15 minutes. Now some mornings I definitely spend more time than that… however that’s not productive. Can you invest just 15 minutes today?


You can watch our social media drive by secrets here

Outsource it – to help us manage sharing content across many platforms we hired the services of SocialKNX – they are brilliant, their team is attentive and always assisting us share content that is relevant to our communities. If you have your own practice or your organization wants to connect deeper to your clients, maybe outsource content sharing? You can find out more about them by clicking here:

Become unsocial – yep, we have an app on our Mac called AntiSocial. I know that sounds mean, however it allows us to block social media sites when we know we could be doing something more productive. I wish I had the discipline to stay offline while working on speeches or writing client proposals… but I don’t.

This app allows me to use a timer to block sites I find distracting. You can use Freedom for PCs.

You might also enjoy this great article by 99U on 10 online tools for better attention and focus.

Social media is a great way remind people you think they are ah-mazing, you recognize the contribution they make in your life and also it’s a fabulous break from the everyday stress and pressure you might experience in your role.

Don’t allow social media to waste your time, allow it to reenergize you and inspire you to achieve even more ah-mazing things in your life!

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