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adventure new year moreUsually when people are planning for the new year, they are resolving to SUBTRACT things from their lives with such as extra weight, bad habits, tightening the “belt” on their budgets, etc. Less is more-right? I get it, I do – but hear me out. What if this year, in 2017, we turned that around and instead asked ourselves…

… What do I want MORE of?

Here’s why: Attention is the new currency, and it’s yours for the taking. Ever hear that saying by Bob Proctor, “What you think about you bring about?” He was literally – on – the – money.

What we pay ATTENTION to focus on, nurture – that’s what we create more of. Money. Time. Love. You name it, you can create more of it.

So, if what we really, truly want in our new year is to…2017 new year more abundance

Do more.

Be more.

Love more.

Cuddle more.

Smile more.

Achieve more.

Stop more.

Breathe more.

Laugh more.

Play more.

Grow more.

See more.


(On my list, I’m adding more champagne and snuggles to round it out with a festive flair!)

I’m a big believer in abundance. (Read more here.)

In filling your cup (or your bucket) with all that is good in the world and keeping your mindset clear and focused on what you DO want to bring about rather than what you do NOT. It takes practice, to be sure – to move from scarcity mindset (there isn’t enough) to abundant mindset (there’s MORE than enough), especially in today’s fast-paced, competitive world. Fear of scarcity shuts us down creatively, emotionally, mentally. It stops us from realizing our potential. The flip side of that coin is using affirmation to embrace and fuel ABUNDANCE-thinking sparks our creativity, helps us fire on all cylinders energetically, allows us to open doors we never even dreamed of and make connections that allow us to build momentum.

Powerful right! CONSCIOUS choices. Every day. Every morning you put your feet on the floor and head out the door you have a CHOICE to look for the good, the positive, the opportunities, the solutions – or you can accept status quo and stay rooted where you are. It truly all begins with choices.

Right now, think EXPANSIVELY about what you want MORE of in 2017. No small thoughts. No limitations. Go BIG. Now write that stuff down. Find a picture of it. Put it in front of you every day for the next twelve months. Then PRACTICE choosing to FOCUS and pay ATTENTION to these things every day. Practice until it becomes exciting. Practice until it becomes your new normal. Practice until you start saying to yourself, “Holy smokes, that worked!”

Our minds are AH-MAZING gifts that have unlimited capacity to help us go wherever we want to go in this world. Our job is step out of the way a little bit and give it the fuel it needs to go on the journey.

So… What do you choose more of in 2017? Share your ideas with us here on our blog. Happy New Year!

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  • Kara Hughs says:

    Hello Gorgeous! Thanks for the new year’s message. I love the idea of MORE in 2017! For this year, I am keeping my goals simple and focused on MORE. I just expressed to my husband this morning that I want to read MORE and incorporate MORE mindfulness/meditation in 2017. I wish you all the best in 2017 and hope our paths cross again soon this year. Best wishes, Kara Hughs

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