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Important COVID-19 Update How we can help you
Stay productive during quarantine

Stay productive during the quarantine


Need ideas on how you can stay productive during your quarantine.


Here are the strategies I am using – what would you add to this list?


Exercising – to stay focused on my fitness goals I am using JMethod Travel Sized Gym, free videos from Jennifer Jacobs (JJ) and my Peloton 
Did you know you can now get the Peloton app to try for free for 90 days!   
Check out the Peloton new dance Cardio options to make you smile! What do you like to do for exercise?


Learning – it’s time to start reading all the books that have been piling up on my desk! Do you have a pile too? I am re-reading a few books too!
What book recommendations do you have for me?


DrinkingKoMatcha when I wake up is my favorite way to start the day, love delicious coffee too,  the best flavor of sparking water (and it reminds me of my most most most fave fruit in Australia) Passionfruit LaCroix and of course 3 liters of water (to do this I fill up multiple water bottles and leave them on my desk and carry them everywhere!).
What’s your daily drink?


ReadingMorning Brew for my news is a great financial summary and also shares world events that affect the markets (hat tip to my friend and marketing genius Michael Barber for this hook up) and loved this article on being productive during the quarantine.
What are you reading?


Tracking – 10K steps by 10 am is the goal (doesn’t mean I meet it everyday day LOL) and 7-8 hour of sleep on Fitbit 
What do you like to track?


Organizing – paper to be filed,  clothes to be sorted and donated (check out The Well Dressed Life Challenge) and also seriously culling electronic subscriptions and unsubscribing and unfollowing like a lunatic!
What could you organize in your home this week?


Writing – my new book on Systems Thinking and Systems of Attention and I am working with my publisher on these. Writing one love note (thank you note) to be posted daily, if you want to make this easy on yourself, go online, buy some stamps and voila – easy peasy!
Who needs a love note from you today?


Videoing – reaching out to at least 3 people to Zoom calls or FaceTime – so many people need our attention right now and this no-cost strategy makes them feel seen and heard, don’t we all want more of that!
Who needs a video check-in from you today?


Listening – podcasts are an easy way to learn and stay up to date – some of my faves include Jay Baer’s Standing Ovation, Tom and Tamsen Webster’s The FreeNoter, and Mike Ganino’s MikeDropMoment. 
What is your fave podcast I need to hear – share it with me?


Emailing – to check in on clients, friends and community members and to stay connected to projects and upcoming presentations in the Fall season.


So what would you add to this list? I can’t wait to hear your ideas!


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