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Using Thought Leaders Global systems, I love helping clever people like you commercialize your expertise.


Want to hear what legendary speaker, Patrick Henry says about working with me on his Thought Leadership – watch his YouTube video testimonial here:


Completing the Sell Your Thoughts program was the best personal and professional development program I ever attended and it transformed my practice. You might enjoy the book Sell Your Thoughts (available on Kindle).


Thought Leadership is your ability to capture, package and deliver your unique ideas for greater commercial success – it is key to achieving competitive advantage in business today. Discover how developing Thought Leadership could help you commercially.


Infopreneurial Thought Leaders

If you know something, it’s one thing, becoming known for it is another. It’s all about how you leverage your ideas and sell your thoughts. Ask me about the Sell Your Thoughts Program and discover how you can create a Thought Leaders Practice working 50-200 days with one or two support staff earning significant income.

Sell Your Thoughts – One-day Intensive

The ‘Sell Your Thoughts’ one-day intensive is delivered in Philadelphia and you will receive one-on-one private thought leadership mentoring and the structure and tools you need to increase your revenue significantly all in one day.

When you participate in this one-day program you commit to pre-work, Neen will review your materials before the program and by the end of the day you will catalogue your intellectual property, develop a model to showcase your unique brilliance and have a script to share that brilliance with others. Ask me more about how I can support you in your journey.


Click here for a FREE sample chapter of Sell Your Thoughts. Learn to make money for your ideas!