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PROJECTIFY Your Life – Pay Attention to Project Management Principles

By November 6, 2017One Comment

“The project is 10 months behind, you need to deliver it in two months and raise $10 million dollars. Can you do it?” That’s the questions my boss Phil asked me. This was totally outside the scope of my existing role in the oil industry, but I had developed a reputation as someone who could get things done. Oscillating between excitement and terror that I’d been selected for the challenge, of course I said, ‘YES!”

Admittedly, I didn’t sleep for two months but I did deliver the project, on time, and within the budget with 100% compliance from the stakeholders.  It was one of my career highlights and it reminded me project management principles could be applied to every aspect of your life.


Project management has been around for thousands of years. I’m picturing some fabulous Egyptian leaders standing around debating the process for delivering stone blocks for the pyramids. Can’t you just see that?


Let’s take a look at nine project management principles that will help you in business, and in life.


  1. Have a project management mindset. Start with that 30,000-foot view. Evaluate what you need by way of budget, time, milestones and deliverables for every project.
  2. Be budget smart. How much time and money does your project require?
  3. Timing is everything. Put a timeline in place from start to finish.
  4. Put it in writing. Outline your milestones and mission plans and write them down.
  5. Organize and order. Create the checklist and timeline for the progression of tasks.
  6. List the stakeholders. This helps keep you focused and on task.
  7. Appoint a project sponsor. This might be your mentor, your boss, or colleague.

This person will assist you progress the project, help handle any challenges you might face, and help you be accountable for deliverables

  1. Create a folder for every project with the following structure:
    1. Project chassis (overview)
    2. Budget
    3. Communications
    4. Meeting Notes
    5. Miscellaneous
  2. Focus on the outcome. Keeping your eye on the prize helps drive personal energy. Especially when you are in the thick of things, tired, and need to be inspired!


Putting project management principles in place is a great way to ensure that there is attention to all those little details that can slip through the cracks without them. If you’d like to learn more about helping your team sharpen these skills, give me a call. I’d love to share the ways I can help.

One Comment

  • Karen Newmyer says:

    Love this! I am currently onboarding a new AE and getting ready for another in a week! We know onboarding is more than a 8 hour job. This is my big project and I am going to plan it just that way! A different and succinct take to onboarding. I won’t feel like I am flying by the seat of my pants.

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