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World Class Realtors Pay Attention to Their Clients – With Six Figure Real Estate Coach Roberta Ross

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Love meeting new people that share my same enthusiasm for paying attention to what really matters.  I had a chance to catch up with Six Figure Real Estate Coach Roberta Ross recently and loved what she had to share about teaching real estate agents the value of attention.



Q:  What does attention mean to you? 


A:  I’m a big believer in the power of attention — but the RIGHT kind of attention. I mean you can stand in the road with a sign saying I’m an REALTOR®! That will get you attention, but is it the kind you really want? For me, I think it’s wiser to ask if what we are sharing serves us or if it is aligned with who you are and what you want to accomplish? If not, then narrow that focus to the things that are most important to you. I also believe it’s imperative to pay attention to what we’re passionate about.  I know when I coach real estate agents to focus on the things that they’re passionate about, they can be their best for those around them. I practice that same focus!


Q: Can you share a time that re-focusing on something specific changed your perspective or result?


A:  Recently, I found myself maxed out on time slots for real estate coaching and wondered about my next move. I had an idea to host a two-day event, but was dragging my feet. I just didn’t feel passionate about it. So, I refocused on what I WAS passionate about — helping people grow their businesses, but with more joy and more ease. And that was it. Suddenly, that shift in focus sparked an avalanche of ideas. I was waking up at 3a.m. to write notes. I put it out there and within two days it was sold out. Once it aligned with my passion, it was easy. That’s the sweet spot! From that revelation to the fruition of the event was just about a month. That’s what ideal attention can do!


Q:  What is the most important thing on which you need to pay attention? 


A:  I believe what’s most important is to constantly evolve as a person and business person.  When I do, everyone around me benefits. My clients, audiences, real estate coaching members – everyone. Constantly growing as a person is so important.


Q: Can you think of an example of a company that does a great job of paying attention to their customers or clients?


A:  Years ago, I had an opportunity to meet Tony Hsieh, three days after he sold Zappos to Amazon for $800 million. His philosophy was that they were not a shoe store, but a customer service company. I loved that.  A year later, I toured Zappos and their attention to detail was amazing. There was absolutely no time limit for taking care of a customer. Whatever it took to provide an excellent experience. Customer Service staff were empowered to do their best to answer any questions that came their way – even if it had nothing to do with Zappos. He gave a great example: One late night, they got a call from some folks who wanted pizza and, as a joke, someone said, “Let’s call Zappos, they’re open 24 hours!” Sure enough, they called and the customer support team did the research and gave them numbers for three pizzerias that were open past midnight! Now THAT’S re-markable (as Seth Godin would say) service!


Q: Have you focused attention as a team on a specific problem-solving task or client need?


A:  As a business coach, that’s a regular practice! As a result, I have a high retention rate. My new mission is to help other real estate agents make more money, experience more joy, and succeed with ease. I help them focus their attention so that they can accomplish that. I used to think it was enough to help people make more money, but now, I teach them to align themselves with their passion – and the people that fuel that passion. It allows them to attract the right customers and the right opportunities so that they have less conflict and stress. In turn they do make more money, but they are much happier as well.


I also had the privilege of being interviewed by Roberta on her ah-mazing Sales Series podcast. If you want to increase your sales, referrals, and productivity, while having fun and maintaining balance, listen in! 

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