G’Day gorgeous, (remember … that’s Aussie for hello)

Welcome to your private page just for attendees of the North Dakota Governor’s Workforce and HR Conference – Reinventing Leadership … (yep, just for you).

Listed below you will find resources from our sessions together (both Attention Pays and Folding Time) – hope you enjoy this and can share them with your team:


Attention Pays Session

Sample Chapters of Attention Pays  – If you’d like a sneak peek into Neen’s latest book, Attention Pays, here are a few sample chapters and you can share them with your team when you go back to work!

Attention Pays Media Kit 

Positioning Matrix 


Folding Time Session

Folding Time Book – by Neen James – this makes a great giveaway to your team and is the complete PDF of the Folding Time book


Folding Time book on Amazon