Pay Attention to Your Health and Wellbeing

September 25, 2018

wellbeing fitness exercise take care healthDo you ever struggle to pay attention to your health and wellbeing? We all have good intentions, right? But sometimes it’s a little more challenging. It’s definitely an ongoing challenge for me. One thing I’ve come to realize is that we have a responsibility to ourselves as much as we do to everyone else in our life.


We are professionals, parents, spouses, friends, caretakers, providers and more. Too often, we put everyone else’s needs above our own, resulting in stress, overwhelm, exhaustion and frustration. Our health suffers as does our frame of mind. When we don’t prioritize our mind, body and spirit, everything suffers. In order to unleash our best self every day, we must pay attention to our wellness.


There are three strategies that I decided would be helpful to me, and thought they may be for you as well.


Create Habits:

When it comes to being attentive to your health, start first by creating solid habits. I know we hear this all the time, but maybe one of your habits is that you’re not sleeping as well as you want, or maybe you’re stressed all the time. Consider meditation. Use apps to help you relax, clear your mind and ease your body.


Consider scheduling your sleep. Make a commitment to be in bed by 10 o’clock three nights a week during the work week. What are some habits you can create that will allow you to focus on your health and wellbeing?


We’ve always heard it takes 21 days to make a habit, but science says otherwise. It actually takes greater than 60 days to form a new habit. Whatever you choose to do, be mindful and intentional. Give it your devoted energy and see if over the course of 60 days it becomes a habit.


Create a Routine:

Just like we have habits we’re trying to create, can you create a routine? Best way to form new habits is to do them at the same time every day. For instance, if you want to start meditating, perhaps you do it first thing in the morning upon waking.  Or if you want to get fit, consider making a new workout program your routine upon waking.  I found that creating routines in my life makes it a little easier for me to pay attention to those important aspects.


For example, when I travel I always leave my workout gear right beside my bed, so I literally have to step over it if I don’t wanna do. I do the same thing at home. My workout gear is packed beside my bed so that the first thing I do is put it on so I can’t talk myself out of working out.


Accountability is a key driver in creating routines and habits. Being mindful of your eating routines, the amount of time you spend away from your desk, and your sleeping patterns are all part of well-being attention.  What are some routines you could create to stay healthier?


End Technology Addictions: 

This is so much easier for me to say, but much harder to do. Challenge yourself to leave your cell phone behind. If you go for a walk, head to the gym or do anything that allows you to give attention to your wellbeing, turn off technology. Allow yourself to escape the information overload and the need to be accessible to everyone all the time. Give your mind and your energy a break.


Want more ideas? Tune into my YouTube channel and take a look.


Three ways that are simple but not easy to focus on your health and wellbeing: create habits, create a routine, and remove technology addiction. What would you add to this list? Write your notes down below or send me a note directly.


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