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Want to travel with a little luxury?

By July 13, 2022No Comments

Are you being fully present in your life right now? Are you paying attention?

Are you so distracted by the busyness and demands that your days are filled with meetings, commitments, and obligations?

I want to say I’m being present, but right now I have to be honest and say that I’m not always. I have been catching myself mindlessly scrolling or procrastinating on items in my inbox — sound familiar?

These past few years we have worked from home, and tried to protect those we love and yet that has also meant that we have been so busy and constantly attached to our devices (or some form of distraction).

Maybe now is a time to consider how to create some special moments.

As an Executive Strategist, it’s fun to play with the coolest brands in the coolest industries and despite lots of canceled flights and talent shortages, I still love traveling as an opportunity to recharge and reconnect. I love hearing news outlets are reporting even stronger travel numbers than in 2019. Travel and hospitality were hit hard in the past few years and it’s delightful to see many people returning to flights, hotels, convention centers, cruises, and tours — and investing time with those they love.

Travel allows us to have moments. It allows us to remove ourselves from our everyday lives and recharge. It’s about connection and creating experiences and moments. Matthew Upchurch, CEO of Virtuoso Travel, calls this ‘Return on Life’ — a mantra I support!

If you haven’t seen this latest Starbucks video, watch it — a great reminder that someone misses you and wants some moments with you.  Paying attention to how we invest our time and resources to create experiences for people who matter to us is a wonderful reason to travel.

The Luxury Travel Mindset 

Have you been dreaming of a trip of a lifetime? Want to cross something off your Bucket List or Wanderlist?

Maybe you’d like a little extra luxury in your flight or hotel experience, or maybe you are having a ‘staycation’ and want to make it feel more luxurious?

Last time we connected I shared that my Mum taught me that luxury is a mindset. Luxury is not always about things (believe me I love high thread count sheets and white robes in hotels)—it is about time—taking the time to give back to yourself and create memories with those you love.

If you want a few ideas for creating a luxury mindset in your travel for business or pleasure, try these:


  • Follow inspirational accounts on Instagram — I love VirtuosoCondeNast Traveler, and Abercrombie & Kent
  • Use a travel advisor — their expertise helps you in a gazillion ways — just do it! Stop using online cheap services that leave you stranded or stuck in a huge line when something goes wrong
  • Purchase travel insurance — peace of mind every time
  • Pay for all the services in your country that give you more time i.e. Global EntryClear, Valet
  • Hire a tour guide for your local destination to give you a private experience
  • Schedule an airport car service to avoid waiting (and they help with luggage!)


  • Charter if you have a fab budget
  • Join airline lounges (a day pass is worth it) for a quiet place with clean facilities and snacks
  • Take gifts for the crew, chocolates always work well, and magazines or reading material
  • Pack warm — I travel everywhere with a black cashmere wrap
  • Spritz with Evian facial spray mist to keep your skin hydrated
  • Cancel noises (and people) with Apple AirPods (or your fave noise-canceling earphones)
  • Turn the plane into a spa — apply a hydration face mask for long-distance flights
  • Wear these eye patches under your sunglasses
  • Create your own amenities kit and pack travel mini sizes of your fave products
  • Try a sleep mask — silk ones from Blissy are lovely — and apply a night mask — I like this one on night flights
  • Download meditations, music, and books you can listen to inflight
  • Add a TV series or movies to your tablet to relax
  • Wear disposable slippers on the plane so you’ll be more comfy and you can toss them when you land or buy the washable ones (to be more environmentally friendly!)
  • Wear a soft fabric travel outfit — I love the Athleta travel outfits especially the Venice Jogger in black
  • Work out — yes seriously! Pack this JMethod Travel Kit and use the recovery ball on long flights and bands (she has a 25% off promo I saw on IG this week enter the word TRAVEL at checkout!)


  • Turn your suitcase into a Mary Poppins Magic Carpetbag (ok you might be too young for that reference) — do you remember her bag held anything anyone could ever need?
  • Elevate your luggage — I am a HUGE Briggs and Riley fan as they have a lifetime guarantee
  • Invest in packing cubes to keep items clean, safe, and separate
  • Reuse dry-cleaning plastic around your clothes to prevent wrinkles
  • Pack a steamer so you always look together
  • Treat yourself to a cute luggage tag, I use the Tiffany one
  • Buy a passport holder — I have the Tiffany one (but secretly want the Louis Vuitton one)
  • Make a list (and print and pack it) of your outfits for the trip so you don’t pack any unnecessary items
  • Organize your jewelry in this cute little storage
  • Pack these cute washable slippers to wear in your hotel

If you are planning a staycation, try these ideas:

  • Turn your home into a spa you (this is how I set up my guest room), and fill your shower with special products — here are a few of my faves
  • Buy your fave magazines to enjoy reading them cover to cover
  • Set up a few board games to relax and laugh
  • Invest in a white robe just like the hotel
  • Curate a playlist of music you love
  • Light candles to create atmosphere
  • Make a pile of books you want to read
  • Turn off devices and hide them in drawers so you can totally disconnect

What is something you do that feels luxurious when you travel? Let me know

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