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In our current situation with everyone working remotely, learn how I can help your team be more productive, and focus on what matters through our virtual programs.
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G’Day, my heart goes out to all our clients during this challenging time.

Many of you have unique challenges you are working through as teams transition to a work-life, that doesn’t look “normal”.

If you would like to set up a Zoom call to chat about how we can collaborate and partner to help your team, I’d love that.

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We are still serving our clients through our virtual programs, find out more here.

We’ve created an in-home studio in Tampa, Florida with state-of-the-art equipment (well, we think it’s pretty fancy) so I can continue to provide value through virtual programs for your team.

While I can’t stand on stage or in your boardroom in my stilettos as I have for 20+ years, I can zoom into your team’s home offices to share strategies to improve their productivity and communications.

I know during times like these, it’s even more important to focus on what matters in order to be motivated and inspired together.

We’d be delighted to chat through the offerings we have been creating for clients and the investment to customize something specific for you.

Staying Focused and Productive during Quarantine


  • Pre-recorded 3-part series:

    ‘How to stay focused and productive during Quarantine’
    (15 min per session)

  • Q & A

    ‘Office Hours with Neen’ 14 days after the pre-recorded series
    (30-minute session)

  • Pre-recorded accountability follow-up video


  • Live Interactive session

    ‘How to stay focused and productive during quarantine’
    (up to 45 mins per session)

  • Q & A

    ‘Office Hours with Neen’ 14 days after the interactive session
    (30 mins session)

  • Link of the Interactive Session to share with team members
  • Custom accountability follow-up video
  • Templates to create action plans
  • A curated list of resources for your time in quarantine to feature TED talks, book recommendations, and blogs from a variety of sources

Delighted to serve you and your team.

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