Desktop Management

For some of us, working from home might mean our own office or it might mean the kitchen table. Regardless of where you work it is important to consider several desktop strategies to make your day more productive.

The paperless desk.

Remove all paperwork from your desk: establish files for …

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Making time work for you

Time is one of our most precious assets when we work in a home office. If we don’t invest our time wisely we can easily get to the end of the day and wonder where the day went! Try some of these tips to help make your time work for …

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Creating your connections

Networking is as much an attitude and a way of thinking as it is a skill. It is something that many people do naturally while others can find it quite daunting; but it can be learnt. When you acquire the mindset and master the skill of networking you will boost …

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Learning to share

Too often we think we are Supermen or women – able to do everything ourselves. We say things like “it would be quicker to do it myself” or “no one else would do it as well as I do” and we convince ourselves that we are irreplaceable. Working to become

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Working meetings

There’s one simple secret to effective meetings: set an agenda and stick to it. The agenda drives the content and outcomes of the meeting and, where appropriate, should reflect the needs of all attendees so everyone has a buy-in and an interest in the outcomes. Follow these simple steps for …

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Working networking

Getting the most out of any networking event is about more than just handing out and collecting cards. Some people seem to think the success of an event can be measured by the number of business cards they take away. The truth is it’s better to make real connections with …

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How to have amazing (and productive) relationships

Stay in touch with those you care for

Make time to remind people they are special. Write a handwritten note occasionally, send an email, SMS message or phone them. If you find yourself short of time create a bulk “catch up” email to family & friends letting them know what …

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Motivating your team

Praise them

Always spend 10 minutes per day ‘catching someone do something right’. Make this a part of your daily routine.

Reward them

Use incentives, rewards and recognition to acknowledge a job well done. This might include time off, movie tickets, leaving early, bonus money, more responsibility, bottle of wine …

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Handling difficult customers

Don’t take it personally

Remember when a customer complains they are unhappy with the product or your company – not you.

Remember you are good at your job

Remind yourself of the skills you have and why you are working there. Don’t allow customers to make you feel inadequate.


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How to be healthy, wealthy and wise

Here are some quick tips to help you focus on your health, provide money saving ideas and increase your wisdom.

Get up by 7.30 am

You may not be a morning person or 7.30 am may be late for you… but try and discipline yourself to rise early and make …

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