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top 8 business books



There are 8 ah-mazing books every business professional must own. If you are looking to accelerate your organization, these are must-reads to get today!




Unbranding, by Scott Stratten:

Attention for a business brand in this busy, distracted world we live in can be a challenge. This book gives you the guidance to navigate the age of disruption and succeed in business today.





Crisis Ready, by Melissa Agnes:

This is must read for any size business that is operating in a time where social media and the news cycle can direct the attention of our customers in a moments notice.



Never Lose a Customer Again Joey Coleman


Never Lose a Customer Again, by Joey Coleman:

If you are a professional responsible for the customer experience and getting, and keeping, the attention our customers, this is the only book you’ll ever need. We also blogged more about it here



Company Culture for Dummies by Mike Ganino



Company Culture for Dummies, by Mike Ganino:

If you’re a leader, this is a wonderful a handbook on all the ways we need to build and engage the team to create a culture where people will pay attention and boost reputation and market share.




Steal the Show, by Michael Port:

If you do sales for a living, give sales pitches, presentations or job interviews, you need this book. This methodology focuses on the internal and external strategies we need to pay attention to.





Attention Pays, by Neen James:

For anyone feeling increasingly overwhelmed, stressed and fatigued in their day-to-day, Attention Pays gives you actionable strategies to help focus your attention on what matters most.




the go giver influencer by bob burg

The Go-Giver Influencer, by Bob Burg: 

This is a must-read for anyone involved in negotiations, the strategies might surprise you and we need to pay attention to walking in someone else’s shoes. It provides compelling parables about the paradox of getting ahead by placing other people’s interests first.





Exactly How to Sell, by Phil Jones:

A follow-up book to the brilliant, Exactly What to Say, this is a must-read for the non-sales person who wants to know how to get the attention of their buyers, and keep it and translate to results





Want to learn more about how these books can help you accelerate profits, retain more customers and close more sales, take a look here:

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