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Tips for managing a hybrid world

By April 26, 2022No Comments

Last week we hosted a Return to Office Workshop with people from all over the country and all industries tuning in to chat about how to juggle all the things we’re experiencing right now as our lives adjust yet again.

How do we balance our personal and professional lives?

How do we create a lifestyle that works for us all when some are 100% back to offices, others 100% remote — and some are a combination of both?

During the workshop, we shared the latest research and also over 10+ strategies to help you in your personal and professional life to set up the systems you need to help you feel like you can get it all done and still have a life you love.

When I ask people about their feelings about returning to the office they range from exhausted to excited, from overwhelmed to overjoyed! Everyone is experiencing this differently and as leaders, we have to be aware of that and meet people where they are at. Leading by extending grace is more important than ever.

What I understand from reading many studies, white papers, and having a gazillion conversations with my CEOs across industries is that people want to work, many love what they do, but what they want more than anything is CHOICE and CONTROL. They want to choose their hours and set up and they want to control their hours and environment.

One of my fave clients, Mike from ALHI told me this week, “Neen it’s not the Great Resignation, it’s the great reshuffle”! Well said, he’s right. If we don’t help people find a way to navigate this new environment where they can feel at choice and in control, they might just shuffle out and find somewhere that will!

Want some systems to help you navigate the new hybrid world? Consider these. 

Professional systems
Set boundaries and create agreements— now is the time to design your perfect calendar. What does your day look like? What conversations do you need to have with your boss to help you achieve that? What discussions do you need to have with your team to accommodate that? As leaders and team players, we want to be accommodating to everyone’s needs and also understand what works best for us — it’s a juggle but one I know you can excel at.

Establish an end-of-day routine —  you have heard me constantly advocate for a morning routine to set your day up for success, think of your end of day routine the same way! It’s a trigger to help you end your work day and focus on your personal life outside of the office. Someone missed you while you were at work today (a partner, a child, an aged parent, a furry baby). Set up a system to turn off your computer, turn off your office lights and enjoy your night activities. Separate work and home to allow yourself recovery time.

Maximize your in-office time — for days you know you will be in the office, make the most of in-person meetings, connections, lunch dates, coffee catch-ups, files you need, building your network, and investing and mentoring your team. Fill your in-office days with the rewarding activities that just don’t feel the same through a camera lens.

Personal systems
Establish your morning routine  what do you need to do each day to help you feel set up for success? Me? That includes 3 Ms: Meditation, Matcha, and Movement (not always in that order). Every morning I drink my KoMatcha, make sure I move my body, and finish my workouts with meditation — and then check my email and social media, which allows me to focus on taking care of myself before I take care of my clients. Could you try something similar?

Sunday set up — On Sunday, look across your calendar and determine where do you need to be, what outfits do you need, and what preparation is required. I know the Sunday Scaries are real, but all it takes is 15 minutes to feel organized for your week.

Outsource where possible  Could you use a meal delivery service instead of cooking every night? Could you use a wash and fold service instead of trying to get all your laundry done at home? Could you use a mowing service instead of spending time on weekends taking care of your yard? Are there things you could get help with, or barter with friends and neighbors for? I am a huge fan of Task Rabbit  — they can help you with almost anything!

Creating new routines and systems, especially right now, might take you some time but it’s so worth it. Principled work now helps make sure that work and home don’t blend together and you can enjoy the role you have and the friends and family you love!

Want some more tips? I’m happy to let you know that you can still purchase the recording my webinar, with a bunch of fun resources to go with it. Just click on the button to purchase! 

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