Is Your Organization Committed to Mother Earth?

How businesses can care for mother earthWhen was the last time you gave intentional attention to Mother Earth? Now, you may not be a Greenpeace card-carrying, Tesla driving person, but global attention is where we are mindful about our planet. We must commit our focus to this wonderful, limited resource we all share. Intentional global attention …

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Pay Attention to Your Health and Wellbeing

wellbeing fitness exercise take care healthDo you ever struggle to pay attention to your health and wellbeing? We all have good intentions, right? But sometimes it’s a little more challenging. It’s definitely an ongoing challenge for me. One thing I’ve come to realize is that we have a responsibility to ourselves as much as we …

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Become a Responsible Global Citizen

Are you a responsible global citizen? 

Nearly 25 years ago, my husband and I lived in Australia. We saved enough money to go explore the Great Barrier Reef. As we dove in the water, we were surrounded by coral, fish, and colors I’d never seen. It was one of the …

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Start with Community When Caring for Mother Earth

How do you pay attention to the planet? It starts with your community.


In our book, Attention Pays, we talk about how we pay attention in the world, personally, professionally, and globally. Personally, it’s about who deserves your attention and being thoughtful. Professionally, it’s about what deserves your attention …

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ATTENTION to Company Culture: Cultivating Success Throughout Your Organization

company cultureNot long ago, I had the opportunity to work with a large media organization who wanted to shift their company culture in ways that would drive bottom line results, but also produce an environment where employees and team members WANTED to come to work each day and give it their …

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What Do You Want MORE of in 2017?

adventure new year moreUsually when people are planning for the new year, they are resolving to SUBTRACT things from their lives with such as extra weight, bad habits, tightening the “belt” on their budgets, etc. Less is more-right? I get it, I do – but hear me out. What if this year, in …

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Do You Have Grace Under Pressure?

Grace Under pressure theo and scottWhat would you do if you had organized a big industry event and the headline speaker didn’t show up?


Or maybe you have a high profile project and the deliverables are going to be way behind deadline?


I witnessed the best example of grace under pressure recently at …

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How Thanking Veterans Can Become a Great Tradition – Guest Blog by Mark Scharenbroich

You have seen us promote the brilliant book Nice Bike by Mark Scharenbroich and when I read this blog about thanking veterans, it provided a wonderful example of taking time to give someone the gift of your attention and be thankful. Enjoy this heart warming story of strangers showing their …

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Guest Blog: A New Chapter – by Megan Kristel

Often, we find ourselves going down paths we never intended when we first set out on our journey. Somehow, along the way, we lose our focus and allow others to influence our decisions and direction. I found this blog “A New Chapter,” by Megan Kristel, owner and CEO of

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Do You Suffer Facebook Fatigue?

I do! I don’t need to feed my crazy by reading other people’s crazy.

Managing Facebook Social Media

We’ve lost count of how many times I’ve wanted to delete my Facebook account.

Not sure if it’s just when I’m overtired, or someone says something that drives me crazy … But there have been many …

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