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Luxury is … having space in your calendar to catch up!

For me after a lovely week off, today is focused on catching up on a full inbox, returning messages, deleting paperwork, returning way too many items ordered online (just me… anyone else do this?) and connecting with my business coach.

This morning I met with two clients (internationally … early start) and feel like my to-do list today might be a little ambitious!

Do you ever have days where your list is longer than the short amount of hours you have?

Do you plan a catch up day after a vacation? Or maybe just a few hours of catch up time?

It might FEEL like a luxury … yet it’s a really powerful way to give yourself time to ease back into work and feel like you can reply to everyone’s requests refreshed and reenergized.

If you haven’t scheduled space in your calendar after you return from vacation … or maybe space in your calendar to do some ideation and brainstorming about how you want your work to be, maybe this is your gentle reminder today?

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