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Is Technology the Enemy of Attention? The Good, Bad & the Ugly of Technology Addiction

By April 25, 2017No Comments

technology good and evil

I’m often asked if technology addiction is real? Is it really the attention enemy it is made out to be? While I think there is a growing trend among some to make screen-time more important than people-time, I don’t think technology is evil.



Sure, it gets blamed (a lot) for our lack of attention, but when leveraged well, it can help us achieve more in shorter periods of time and create a further reach than we ever thought possible.  While we do need to be disciplined in our use of technology, especially while in the company of the terrific people around us, I think the key is to use it for good (productivity) – and not evil (pure distraction).


Here are five ways to use technology for good not evil:


Freedom App.  I use this (almost daily) to block websites when I am trying to get work done. Can you use site blocking software to help you get more done?


Spotify. My smart friend Clay Hebert uses this by creating a playlist when he writes.  Music can be an awesome conduit to trigger focus and creativity.  Have you ever thought about making playlists to help you focus and create an environment of productivity?


Headspace.  This is a great app if you want to meditate. I also use my Peloton app (using the Beyond the Ride aspect of the Peloton app) to meditate. I am not good at this yet but I do try to incorporate it regularly. Meditation, they say, is a practice, I sure have a lot to learn about that! Can you use an app to increase mindfulness?


Zoom. This video tool is easy to use and gets people to pay attention in meetings, you can use it record conversation. The great thing about video conferencing, rather than teleconferencing, is the ability to look people in the eye and not allow them to multi-task. Companies like Genie Cast are brilliant at using this tool to provide experts (they call them Genies) to share information with companies using the Zoom platform. Everyone wins. Can you use video platforms to increase attention in meetings?


Podcasts app. I love to listen to podcasts while I get dressed in the morning. One of my clients listens to them while she cooks at night. One of the beauty salons I go to allows guests to choose the podcast we listen to while she gives a treatment! It’s a great way to get in your personal development time in by listening to something that will help develop your skills or shape your beliefs. Can you listen to podcasts while you do a routine activity each day?


I love the idea of using technology wisely to increase productivity and connectivity.  We can now share our lives with love ones in an instant. Families spread over states – or even countries can have face-to-face conversations.  Teams can meet, in real time, from all over the world without ever getting on an airplane. Like any good thing, using technology in moderation is a powerful tool for all of us.  I’d love to hear your favorite ways of managing the pull of technology in your life and business.


Need more ideas? This video will help you understand:
– How to spend less time on your devices
– How to prioritize people over technology
– How to schedule screen time to maximize attention


If your team is eager to start paying attention to the things that really matter in terms of growing your business, client base, and bottom line – I’d love to chat with you about how I can help. Give me call today to learn more!

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