Professional Workplace Environment Awareness

messy office clutter work environment, stress, overwhelm, workplaceAre you paying attention to your workplace environment? As a busy leader, your professional attention and commitment is to ensure the workplace environment creates productivity and team effectiveness.


Look around your office right now. Is there clutter everywhere? Does it seem a little crazy or chaotic? Are important files …

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Neen James Share Attention Pays Strategies with Virtuoso Travel

ProfessionalsWe are facing an attention deficit crisis within our businesses today. Professionals are feeling overtired, overwhelmed and overstressed. Everyone is trying to accomplish a productive day of work while facing a barrage of never-ending interruptions and distractions.


Before our time together in Las Vegas, I wanted to take a …

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Think You’re Paying Attention? You’re Not! Say “NO” to Interruptions

interruptions distractionsDo you remember growing up, parents wouldn’t tolerate interruptions, often saying: “Don’t interrupt when grownups are talking?”


Ever had your parents say “Pay attention to what you are doing?”



Now we ARE the grownups and somehow, we’ve forgotten those very basic rules of engagement.


We cannot …

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Accomplish Tasks and Avoid Distractions with Focused Strategies

accomplish tasksOne of the biggest challenges for today’s business leaders is staying focused and productive. Distractions such as social media and email can prevent us from accomplishing our most important goals. This is one reason I was thrilled when Julie Ann Sullivan, host of the podcast Mere Mortals Unite, invited …

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Summer Fun Out of the Office = Focused Attention in the Office

summer funDo you want to be more focused in the summer?

Is your family outside playing and your friends are having fabulous summer fun while you feel stuck in the office?

Here’s a tip. If you want to increase your productivity this summer, consider booking in play time — just for …

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Pay Attention to Employees – Drive Engagement, Improve Morale, Increase Productivity

employee engagementHow do you create a more cohesive, cooperative and creative team of employees?  Start by paying ATTENTION to what matters to them and their success.  Attention is a powerful tool to increase morale, productivity and accountability within your employee base. It starts, of course, with leadership.  Here are five tips …

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To Say No is to Say Yes to Success – Focus on What Needs Your Attention

Say NoI love this quote by Warren Buffet, “The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say no to almost everything.”


Let that sink in. Because it’s important.


It’s also really, really hard for a lot of people. I get it. You want …

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Become a Productivity Superhero – Pay Attention to Time

productivity superheroWe all wish we could fold time so we could have twice as many hours to whittle down our constantly growing to-do list. And guess what? While you can’t actually change the space-time continuum, you can develop systems and become your own productivity superhero based on your own unique skills …

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Get Up and Get Going: Wake Up at 4am

wake upAre you a morning bird or a night owl? Do you know when you work best? Many studies show when we schedule our toughest, most thought provoking tasks, we should do it during the time we are most alert and focused.

For this reason, I’m sharing this fabulous piece I

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This Holiday Season, Pay Attention to What Matters Most

holiday season

The excitement of the holidays is here, which often leaves us feeling as if we have more on our ‘to do’ list than there are hours in the day!

A common area of stress for many is finding the time to get ready for holidays in order to experience the …

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