How to Set Agendas at Meetings

shutterstock_153584339Often when I work with leadership and sales teams on a new client pitch or product launch (or how to be more productive) they ask if there is a secret to a successful meetings. Yep! Set an agenda for a fabulously productive meeting!

So often people run the presentation with

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Greet like Greta

“Good morning!” – a phrase we hear every day.  When you hear Greta say it to you, she makes you believe you are the MOST important person she has ever met.

I met Greta last year while working with a super cool client in Philadelphia. She manages the reception area …

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Get Productive: Open Plan Productivity

Moving from an office to an open plan can be an adjustment for some. For others it’s no big deal.  Open plan environments are popular for teams with high collaboration, and allow a larger number of people in one space. As more organizations grow and explore more productive ways to …

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Make it matter: make it meaningful

First Federal of Bucks County GenerosityImagine a ballroom full of exceptional bankers celebrating a truly successful year. That was where I found myself last Tuesday night as their keynote speaker for their annual awards dinner.  The CEO of First Federal of Bucks County, Jeane Coyle, shared many good news stories about the community

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Get Productive: Make Quicker Decisions

Busy leaders know when pressed for time we need easy decision making tools to accelerate conversations, projects and results.

We have several mantras we use in our practice and questions we ask ourselves to stay focused, especially in times of year like this when everyone is going hard and feeling …

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Get Productive: My fave apps and systems (right now)


I am constantly asked about my favorite apps and systems I use. So to make your life easier, more productive and possibly more fun, here is a list of the ones I use daily… yes there are a gazillion more I could share with you… but these are my …

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Get Productive: Get Clear- Filter Your Decisions

Filter is a verb meaning to pass (a liquid, gas, light or sound) through a device to remove unwanted material.

In our latest book, Folding Time, filtering means removing unwanted activities and tasks so you can focus on the highestreturn activities and results.

Synonym: verb: strain, …

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Get Productive: Action Replaces Excuses – Guest Blog Stacey Hanke

No more excusesWhat Are Your Excuses That Are Holding You Back from Influence?

There are two roadblocks most individuals experience that prevent them from taking their communication from good to influential.  First, is being aware of the excuses they make for why they communicate the way they do. Second, is how to …

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Get More Money: How to Ask for a Pay Raise

When we have our annual review, sometimes our thoughts lead to money… maybe it’s time for a pay rise?

Many people are too scared to ask for a pay rise.  Why is this?  If you believe you deserve a raise, spend time examining these strategies and schedule a time with …

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Get Productive: Yanking Bootstraps

yankingbootstrapsRecently I read Tammy Hawk-Bridges book Yanking Bootstraps – a great little resource on how to bootstrap your business to success. This small book is full of ideas and insights from someone who honestly shares how to establish and run a small business. Owning your own small business or practice, …

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