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Push to Fatigue, not failure.

By August 22, 2020No Comments

Push to fatigue, not failure

Imagine your legs are shaking so hard you think you will collapse, yep!

My arms were like two dead weights hanging from my shoulders.

My abs (even though you can’t see them) were so sore when I laughed it hurt and I was dripping in unglamorous sweat on my face and running down my back and then she looked right at me and said:

“Push to fatigue, not failure”

In our training session, JJ was teaching me endurance, strength building by targeting specific muscles with very deliberate exercises to push them to fatigue. What she was also teaching me was character building, persistence, and confidence.

The ability to believe in ourselves, trust our training, challenge our body, and focus our mind.

Through the craziness of COVID, can you chose to transform your body and your mind, to be stronger, fitter, and feel sexier.

Some days I am SO tired, don’t feel like it, and want to do it. But I still do because I have her voice in my head “Neen, resist your limits”

In life we get to decide, will we resist our limits, will we push to fatigue so we can see growth?

Be tired, but don’t give up.

You got this.

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