Professional Workplace Environment Awareness

messy office clutter work environment, stress, overwhelm, workplaceAre you paying attention to your workplace environment? As a busy leader, your professional attention and commitment is to ensure the workplace environment creates productivity and team effectiveness.


Look around your office right now. Is there clutter everywhere? Does it seem a little crazy or chaotic? Are important files …

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Think You’re Paying Attention? You’re Not! Say “NO” to Interruptions

interruptions distractionsDo you remember growing up, parents wouldn’t tolerate interruptions, often saying: “Don’t interrupt when grownups are talking?”


Ever had your parents say “Pay attention to what you are doing?”



Now we ARE the grownups and somehow, we’ve forgotten those very basic rules of engagement.


We cannot …

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Change Your Relationship with Technology

…and pay attention to what matters most!

How would you define your relationship with technology? Are you able to put it down and walk away from it when someone or something that matters demands your attention? Or, are you denying your technology addiction as you sneak glances at your device …

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PROJECTIFY Your Life – Pay Attention to Project Management Principles

“The project is 10 months behind, you need to deliver it in two months and raise $10 million dollars. Can you do it?” That’s the questions my boss Phil asked me. This was totally outside the scope of my existing role in the oil industry, but I had developed a …

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7 ATTENTION Saving Strategies to Manage Email Distractions

manage email distractionsCould you accelerate daily productivity with tips to manage email distractions? According to a report by McKinsey, 28% of a person’s workday is spent checking email.  Sound familiar? That’s over one quarter of your entire business day is allocated just to manage emails. It’s a wonder any of us get …

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Pay Attention to What’s Killing Productivity

killing productivity

Distractions. They’re everywhere. And for a lot of employers – they are killing productivity. A study done recently by CareerBuilder shared the top productivity roadblocks in the workplace.




  1. Cellphones/texting
  2. The Internet
  3. Gossip
  4. Social media
  5. Email
  6. Co-workers dropping by
  7. Meetings
  8. Smoke breaks/snack breaks
  9. Noisy co-workers
  10. Sitting in a

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Pay Attention This Summer… 12 Ways to Increase Productivity and Enjoy It

summer slowdownWhy is it every year many of us experience a summer slowdown? Business slows down, networks stop meeting, work attendance decreases, business development activities grind to a halt and yet… we still have budgets, goals and targets to achieve?  How do you handle the ‘unproductive’ attitude summer may bring for …

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ATTENTION to Company Culture: Cultivating Success Throughout Your Organization

company cultureNot long ago, I had the opportunity to work with a large media organization who wanted to shift their company culture in ways that would drive bottom line results, but also produce an environment where employees and team members WANTED to come to work each day and give it their …

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What Do You Want MORE of in 2017?

adventure new year moreUsually when people are planning for the new year, they are resolving to SUBTRACT things from their lives with such as extra weight, bad habits, tightening the “belt” on their budgets, etc. Less is more-right? I get it, I do – but hear me out. What if this year, in …

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Decking the Halls and Dealing with Deadlines

How to Keep Your Productivity High and STILL Enjoy the Season

holiday deadlines

Holidays have you decking the halls while simultaneously trying to slide in under deadlines? Feeling less ho-ho-ho and more ho-hum because time seems to be ticking faster than a New Year’s Eve ball-dropping countdown? I know. It may be …

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