Systems Thinking Program

“Neen was an absolutely amazing speaker! The value of her content and uplifting presentation style was surpassed only by how excellent it was to work with her both before and after her presentation. Her engagement with the membership throughout the months surrounding her appearance was like nothing I have seen before (and I have done this for 24 years). She really become part of the CHART family, and I really look forward to continuing to work with her as we move to face-to-face meetings as soon as possible.” T. Davey – Executive Director CHART

As a busy leader, you’re often driven by two goals: how to GROW revenue, and in order to do that, how to BUILD your team.
Given the fast-paced nature of your business, it’s often easy to fall into the trap of focusing on metrics, rather than on the meaning behind those metrics.
Your ‘metrics’ might include sales growth, conversation rates, sell-through, average purchases, or maybe even client conversation. But when you think about it, why are those metrics important? Because of what they mean for the health of what’s driving those metrics in the first place: engaged employees, deeper relationships with clients, personal and professional satisfaction—and especially the relationships you have with your customers.
What if the systems of your business were just as good at building relationships as building results, both in- and outside your organization?
Learn the systems you need to build, how to apply them to your business, how to keep yourself (and your team!) accountable, you’ll learn everything you need to know now not just build your team, but stay top of mind with your clients for a long-term relationship that’s dedicated to you and your product.

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