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Pay Attention to this Hot Mess… a practical guide to organizing!

By February 11, 2018No Comments

When I heard the title of my talented organizing friend, Laurie Palau from Simply b Organized, new book, I smiled – Hot Mess: A Practical Guide to Getting Organized. 

This book is funny, valuable and a great easy read.

This book will also help you identify the root of your clutter, provide solutions for feeling less overwhelmed and provide systems for you to really get organized in every area of your life.

Laurie addresses the physical, emotional, and calendar clutter that everyone faces and in her funny, ‘tough-love’ approach, gives you practical solutions you can apply immediately at work, at home and even in your relationships.

Buy this book, follow her advice, and then share it with a friend who would benefit from it as well. Not only is Laurie a fun writer;  I have seen her speak and she is an expert in this topic. She’s not a typical stuffy, strict organizational consultant, she is authentic, practical and fun to work with. Many of my clients have hired her and their spaces (and lives) have been transformed. Get yourself a copy of this great book today – you can order here.


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