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Need help with reinventing yourself? Looking for a career change?

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Need help reinventing yourself in your career?Do you find yourself in transition?
Do you wonder how to position yourself so you can stand out in interviews and promotional opportunities?
Do you want to make this the year that you finally win that ideal opportunity?
Are you ready to secure that opportunity that aligns your evolving personal and professional needs?
Then Neen James can help you.
With over 20+ years recruiting hundreds of people and preparing hundreds of leaders for promotions, Neen has also years mentored many leaders wanting to transition or reinvent themselves in their career.
When you partner with Neen’s in her 30-day accelerated program you will develop the tools you need to confidently demonstrate your experience and expertise and position you as the perfect candidate.
In this exclusive program with Neen you will:
  • Gain access to virtual learning experiences that powerfully clarify your positioning strategy
  • Polish your resume to meet the dynamic, different needs of today’s times
  • Enhance your digital footprint on platforms like LinkedIn
  • Develop an interview script to prepare for every interview conversation
  • Create S.T.A.Rs – a technique to answer all interview questions
  • Debrief an interview conversation to establish best practices
  • Learn tips on pre and post-interview ninja strategies
  • Unlock tools, templates, book recommendations and more to elevate your branding
If you are wanting to position yourself to articulate your accomplishments in a way that grabs and keeps the attention of recruiters, employers, and future clients,  and confidently handle every opportunity, this program is perfect for you.
Your investment is $750
20 spots available to work with Neen to reposition yourself as you reinvent your next career opportunity.

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