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The Business of Speaking for Women, Business Models for Speakers

By September 26, 2016No Comments

070 The Business of Speaking for Woman, Business Models for Speakers, and much more with Neen James

Michael Port has one of my all-time fave podcasts called Steal the Show – his book by the same name is awesome (click here for our book review), even though this podcast focuses on the business of speaking and has many tips for women in business – I hope you find value in it too, regardless of the industry you are in.


It’s no secret I love podcasts. I listen to them when I get ready in the morning and also driving in my car. Michael Port is a legendary speaker, New York Times Best Selling Author, creator of Heroic Public Speaking and a great guy. Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed on his latest project, Steal the Show Podcast. So much fun!

Check out this interview where he asks about being a female speaker and I share strategies to stay connected to your clients, leverage your uniqueness and have fun doing what you love, with people you love in places you love!

Tips on how to price your speaking fee; and how to use social media for your business. Neen James and I also discuss the rewards and the challenges of being a woman professional speaker.

Neen is a published author of eight books, including “Folding Time.” Her latest book, “Attention Pays: Creating Moments That Matter,” is all about focusing on what’s important in our lives so we can create those moments that matter.

In this episode we discussed:

  • When and how to address “the elephant” in the room. (3:27)
  • Finding the balance between building relationships and nurturing financial goals. (10:50)
  • How to determine the right price for your speaking fees. (20:29)
  • How to make the most of your uniqueness as a woman speaker. (24:19)
  • The best ways to use different social media platforms for your business. (27:41)
  • Why you should stay in contact with your clients through “systemized thoughtfulness.” (38:31)
  • Neen James explains how she got started in the business speaking industry. (56:17)

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