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Leading Companies Thriving in Open Plan Environments

By October 17, 2016No Comments

Open Office Plan EnironmentSome of my favorite clients operate productively in open plan environments. When they were making the adjustments I was able to share strategies so they can Fold Time™, achieve twice as much in half the time.


Open plan spaces can a big adjustment for team members who may struggle if they have always worked in an office.

Offices used to symbolize status – now everyone is considered equal in an open environment workspace design.


Companies leading the open workspace movement include Viacom, Facebook, Cisco, Microsoft, eBay and Google.

Check out ideas on three strategies to be more productive in an open plan here.


If you aren’t sure if Open Plan is for you – check out the pros and cons in this article:


Facebook has embraced open plan and created ‘frictionless working’


SUCCESS Partners the magazine SUCCESS and its parent company SUCCESS Partners Sources have created this environment with a clear understanding of people’s workstyle:


Cisco Systems calls them connected workplaces and believe it maximizes flexibility, choice and collaboration. :


CBRE and Microsoft share the positives and negatives of this unique set up and also outlines how some offices are allocating space specifically for millennials:


Google has made it work using a variety of workspaces to encourage creativity and collaboration and also allow people to focus:


eBay has focused on design to increase productivity and combined that with a mobility program to allow people to work remotely:


Need more ideas on how to be more productive in an open plan – check out these ideas.

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