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Attention RevolutionAre you ready to drive profitably, increase productivity, and boost accountability? Learn to avoid distractions and pay attention to what matters most.


Neen's business motivational keynote presentations are proven - providing actionable strategies helping businesses and leaders increase focus, profitability, accelerate employee engagement, and improve customer satisfaction.

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ATTENTION PAYS™How to Drive Profitability,
Productivity and Accountability

To create extraordinary lives, we must learn to “unplug” from the constant barrage of disruptions and “plug in” to the tools, strategies, and mindsets that allow us to harness our attention to reach our highest potential—and this book shows you how.

Attention Pays™ spotlights the power of attention and absolute focus.

Personally: WHO we pay attention to.
Professionally: WHAT we pay attention to.
Globally: HOW we pay attention in the world—
and to the world.

In an on-demand, 24/7 society, where distractions cost millions of people productivity, profitability, relationships, and peace, it’s time to pay attention to what matters most.

Attention Pays™ shares:

  •  Powerful strategies increase profitability
  •  How to achieve maximum accountability and results
  •  Methodology to help productively manage daily tasks
  •  Guidance on improving daily attention and focus

If you’re ready to drive profitably, increase productivity and boost accountability, it’s time to tune out the noise, focus on what really matters and learn how Attention Pays

FOLDING TIME™Achieve Twice as Much
in Half the Time

A corporate client favorite! Why? Because time management is out the window. Neen’s keynote turns time management and productivity tools upside down and all the way around. And when your team GETS it? They’ll never look at another 24 hours the same way!

Truth? You don’t have time to do everything.What do you have? The time to do everything that matters!

  •  INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY by a minimum of 30% within 90 days (yes, you read that right!)
  •  LEARN TO SAY NO to things that don’t matter… so you can say “YES!” to the things that do
  •  CUT MEETING TIMES times in half
  •  WIN THE BATTLE with email
  •  MAXIMIZE PRODUCTIVITY by identifying utilizing your personal work

“Do you wish you had more hours in the day to get it all done? Do you take work home or stay late at the office almost every day? Are you and your team stuck in too many meetings that seem to go on forever with no real result?

Answer yes to any of those? It’s time to learn how to “fold time”! This productivity keynote and support resource is a must for leaders and high-volume sales pros who are sometimes scrambling to manage their time, focus their attention, and motivate their teams to achieve at the highest level.

Distractions decay. Attention pays.

Get Neen’s 5 Step Attention Challenge and begin eliminating the distractions that challenge the focus of you and your team, along with semi-weekly tips, techniques, and tutorials to improve attention and drive profit, productivity, and accountability.

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