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How to have a good night’s sleep

By November 25, 2011No Comments

Create an environment conducive to sleep

Invest in the best quality linen you can afford to sleep on. Block out the light wherever possible with blinds or heavy curtains.

Select appropriate blankets or doonas for your body temperature

This will help ensure a comfortable nights sleep.

Allow fresh air into your room while you sleep

If you can open a window this will assist your sleep with more oxygen in the room.

Consider Valerian not Valium

This natural herb helps reduce tension in your system – there are no side affects after you wake and can be useful to take one hour before you sleep.

Prepare for sleep

Have a routine you follow each night to get your body ready for sleep. This will send signals to your brain you are preparing to sleep – remember it takes 21 days to form a habit.

Read before you sleep

Find a book that interests you and read until you feel weary and then sleep.

Invest in a good pillow

Try out a variety of pillows to find the one that is right for you.

Place a notepad and pen beside your bed

If you are someone who wakes regular in the night remembering something – write it down so you can go back to sleep.

Have a bath

This is a relaxing way to prepare your body for sleep – especially if you use essential oils in the bath like lavender or chamomile.

Snuggle up to someone

A cuddle before sleeping is one of life’s gifts.

Take 3 deep breaths

Deep breathing before you sleep can help you relax and prepare your mind for sleep. Another technique is to take a deep breath and then blow it out hard – this is like getting rid of the rubbish from the day – three of these will ensure you get rid of any negative thoughts or feelings from the day.

Turn off the alarm clock on weekends

allow your body to tell you how much sleep it requires on the weekends. Allow it to wake up naturally instead of to an alarm clock.

Be natural – try sleeping in the nude

It is liberating and there are no clothing restrictions on you – you may find you sleep better.

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