Create Summer Strategies to Pay Attention to Business

summer strategiesDoes your business slowdown in the summer? If so, summer strategies can create ways to pay attention to your team and your business during slower months. The summer is a wonderful time to take business outside, to meet clients outside when possible. This is a great way to mix up …

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Peloton: The Poster Child of Intentional Customer Attention

peloton exceptional customer experience and attentionCreate an Exceptional Customer Experience with Intentional Attention

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m obsessed with Peloton. What’s a Peloton, you ask? It’s basically a bike that goes nowhere. It is also a case study in my book, Attention Pays.


John Foley, the CEO, …

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Pay Attention to Peer Departments

support peer departments What are you doing to pay attention to other departments? That’s right. In today’s organizations, we have so many different business models, we have matrix organizations. Whereas a leader you might have virtual relationships with you, that don’t have a direct line to you but maybe they have responsibilities that …

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How to Achieve the Ideal Workday

ideal workdaySit back and imagine your ideal, perfect workday. What would it look like? Would it be a day without meetings? Perhaps it would be a day without interruptions. Maybe your ideal workday is one where you are focused on accomplishing the monumental task that has been occupying too much headspace.…

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The Attention Deficit Workplace – The Answer Starts with YOU!

Do you believe your workplace has an attention deficit problem? Do you believe YOU have an attention deficit problem?


Fact is, you are a role model … to someone. The expression “tone at the top” is true. The example leaders demonstrate is often believed to be a requirement employees …

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3 Ways to Get Attention by Giving Attention First

give attention get attentionLearning to get attention or increasing your level of success is a focus for many people. I believe that to get attention, it’s important to first GIVE attention. When you do, your results will be more amazing.

So, consider strategies for giving and getting attention:



See and hear

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Pay Attention to Build Trust and Transparency Among Leaders

build trust among leadersIncredible leaders understand developing and keeping work relationships requires one to build trust and transparency for an increase in productivity, engagement and accountability. That’s why I wanted to look at five essential strategies that can nurture that trust, and develop a stronger connection amongst team members which is a win …

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Paying Attention to LEADERSHIP Versus MANAGEMENT – 5 Strategies for Success

LEADERSHIP Versus MANAGEMENTEver stop to pay attention to the difference between LEADERSHIP versus MANAGEMENT? One isn’t better than the other necessarily – but they do definitely take you down different paths.  Management is all about the right here, right now. Managing processes and people and staying in the status quo. Leadership, however, …

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World Class Realtors Pay Attention to Their Clients – With Six Figure Real Estate Coach Roberta Ross

realtor clients six figure attention sale real estate


Love meeting new people that share my same enthusiasm for paying attention to what really matters.  I had a chance to catch up with Six Figure Real Estate Coach Roberta Ross recently and loved what she had to share about teaching real estate agents the value of attention.


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5 Questions With Inspiring Women: Laurie Palau – Guest Blog by Megan Kristel

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