Put Your Phone Down – WARNING: Attention Fireworks Rant Ahead

fireworks rantIf you know anything about me, you will know my most favorite thing in the world, besides my honey, is fireworks. I mean I love them, I’m totally captivated by them.


And what you may also know about me is as an Australian, the only night that I get …

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Australia is Calling. Answer the Call for Rest and Recovery

recovery rest focus vacationYou know I’m Australian. I’m also a US citizen. My entire family is in Australia. My honey and I moved here many, many, many years ago and I still call Australia home, and I call the US home as well.


I think it’s important to share this message about …

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Increase Summer Focus by Embracing Intentional Distractions

summer focus distractions productivity work flexible Boost productivity by embracing distractions.


Have you ever considered having summer hours? In my small business, we have summer hours that start in June and go all the way to the end of August. Well, what does that mean? It simply means we finish early on a Friday afternoon.…

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When You’re Just Too Busy – Attention Pays!

We wear busy like a badge of honor. Busy has become a status symbol within our society, which is crazy when you stop to consider how terrible it is to our productivity, personal well-being and relationships. We believe if we aren’t busy, we aren’t productive. Problem is, being too busy …

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Presenters Learn from Peloton Instructors: Pay Attention

Peloton instructorsIt’s no secret I am obsessed with my Peloton. If you don’t believe me, read this blog I wrote a little while ago.


This workout is beyond the stationary bike. It’s a community of people with 75K+ people in the Facebook group, and loyal fans that trek across the …

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Mental Health: Workplace Strategies for Leaders to Pay Attention

mental healthIt stands to reason that the healthier we are, both physically and mentally, the better prepared we are to face the challenges and opportunities of the day – and the more productive we can be. I recently had an amazing conversation with a client about ways that we could improve …

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Pushing Through Discomfort to Power Up Productivity

I’m a relatively new runner.  If you’ve ever been in those particular athletic shoes, you know that there some pain involved in that process.  I was running with Coach Dave, and we started talking about this very topic.  He said I needed to learn the difference between pain and …

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ATTENTION to Employee Stress and Health

employee stressSet the Tone for Success

Bottom line? When your team members aren’t at the top of their game in terms of health and wellness it absolutely affects the productivity, profitability and your ability to compete at a high level. But, when you give your team the tools and cultivate the …

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5 Ways to Schedule Recovery Time and Pay Attention to Yourself


Recovery Time Off Vacation Montreal is one of my favorite cities, the art, architecture, friendly people, delicious food, and a great approach to life; Canadians and Aussies are similar in their sense of humor and ability to balance work and play.



I recently spent a week in this magnificent city to …

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What’s your next goal? Mine is a half marathon.

half marathon running goal trainingA simple question, with a complex answer.


When asked the question I wasn’t sure about the answer.


It’s no secret I am an ‘all-in’ kinda girl. If I love you, I love you with my whole heart, if someone dares me to run a marathon (apparently) I do, …

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