Maximize Productivity with Join Up Dots Podcast Interview

If you seek ways to educate yourself, improve your business, maximize productivity and learn from leading industry experts on ways to enhance your confidence in business, tune into Join Up Dots. In this episode, I help share my secrets for focusing attention on tasks to achieve maximum productivity. Listen in …

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World Class Realtors Pay Attention to Their Clients – With Six Figure Real Estate Coach Roberta Ross

realtor clients six figure attention sale real estate


Love meeting new people that share my same enthusiasm for paying attention to what really matters.  I had a chance to catch up with Six Figure Real Estate Coach Roberta Ross recently and loved what she had to share about teaching real estate agents the value of attention.


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3 Ways to Pay Attention and Tidy Up this Spring

tidy up tipsEver hear you mum or dad say ‘tidy up your room!’ I did. Growing up, my little sister and I shared a room and yet we didn’t share the same idea of what ‘tidy up’ meant. It may not surprise you that I liked to label things, color code and …

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Get Productive: Get Quiet

I am surrounded by introverts!

Some of my best friends are introverts, I married an introvert, some of my favorite clients are introverts… but alas … me – nope, you guessed it – I am an extreme extrovert! Surprised?

At the recommendation of one of my dearest friends I checked …

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Get Productive: Apps to Organize Your Life- Guest Blogger

When Thoreau spoke that the solution to a life “frittered away by detail” was to “simplify, simplify, simplify,” he couldn’t have imagined a world where we manage much of our lives via computers and their corresponding devices (and one where an error in the synchronization of that data can throw …

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Get Productive: Yanking Bootstraps

yankingbootstrapsRecently I read Tammy Hawk-Bridges book Yanking Bootstraps – a great little resource on how to bootstrap your business to success. This small book is full of ideas and insights from someone who honestly shares how to establish and run a small business. Owning your own small business or practice, …

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Get Productive: Three High Value Activities (HVA) in Three Minutes

Great little book on how to grow your business -worth the read! I recently had the opportunity to hear Mark LeBlanc share his brilliance in New York as part of a chapter meeting of the National Speakers Association (NSA).

Knowing that Mark is not only a great guy, but also the coach of a dear friend and highly successful thought leader, I …

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Get Productive … In a Hurricane!

Hurricane Sandy isn't a nice chick!

We are so reliant on power, constantly connected 24 x 7.  It isn’t until we are left without our devices and laptops we realize how connected we truly are.

Living in Doylestown, PA means today we are going to be visited by the nasty …

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Get Productive: Remove Clutter or create clutter?

Career Builder did a survey that found 28% of supervisors are less inclined to promote someone with a not-so-neat workspace – I guess many people still believe cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind.

However a Dutch study challenged this when experts from University of Groningen in the …

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Get Productive: Drink Water Before Meetings

drink more waterIn March 2010 Inc. magazine published an article featuring some of America’s most productive CEOs called the United States of Productivity. One of my favorite tips was from Catarina Fake, the co-founder of Flickr (the photo sharing site), who advised if you have to have a meeting, first drink …

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