Is Your Organization Committed to Mother Earth?

How businesses can care for mother earthWhen was the last time you gave intentional attention to Mother Earth? Now, you may not be a Greenpeace card-carrying, Tesla driving person, but global attention is where we are mindful about our planet. We must commit our focus to this wonderful, limited resource we all share. Intentional global attention …

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Neen James Share Attention Pays Strategies with Virtuoso Travel

ProfessionalsWe are facing an attention deficit crisis within our businesses today. Professionals are feeling overtired, overwhelmed and overstressed. Everyone is trying to accomplish a productive day of work while facing a barrage of never-ending interruptions and distractions.


Before our time together in Las Vegas, I wanted to take a …

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PROJECTIFY Your Life – Pay Attention to Project Management Principles

“The project is 10 months behind, you need to deliver it in two months and raise $10 million dollars. Can you do it?” That’s the questions my boss Phil asked me. This was totally outside the scope of my existing role in the oil industry, but I had developed a …

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Focus on Accomplishing Your Annual Goals this Fourth Quarter

fourth quarterBefore we knew it, we blinked and fourth quarter is upon us. Summer’s in the wind, and autumn is in already heading into full swing.  Calendars are changing. Next year’s plans are being made. And people are paying attention to what it’s going to take to achieve the end of …

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Pay Attention to Opportunities to Recommend Your Peers: It’s Good Business – and Good Fun!

SHRM How to Refer and RecommendRecently I had the privilege of speaking at the SHRM Volunteer Leadership Summit in Washington, DC with four of my speaker friends that I frequently recommend to others. We are part of a group called The Keynoters and clients often hire us together to speak at their events. We had …

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5 Ways to Ensure that the Show Will Go On

Speakers Serve Audience

It’s not enough for speakers to just show up and speak—even if they’re great on stage. To provide an exceptional audience experience, meeting planners and speakers need to work together in partnership, paying attention to details large and small from the initial call throughout the planning process.

As in every …

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Create Contextual Models

Contextual Model

Leadership – especially in today’s 24/7 world, requires strategy. Empowered mindsets. And for many?  Building the best MODELS for business, communication and forward advancement.  That’s where contextual models can be a shining star for the strategic thinkers in your organization or audience.  Why? They create FOCUS and ATTENTION. (Two of …

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Be AhMazing: Talk like TED


Do you like to watch TED talks?talk like ted


Do you want to have more impact when you speak?


You might enjoy this book Talk Like TED.


Like many of you, I love to read and stay current on the latest thinking and trends. is a …

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How to be a great (and productive) moderator of a panel

Have you ever attended a panel and the moderator liked the sound of their own voice and talked too much? Ever sat through a panel discussion where someone hogged the stage and you didn’t hear from everyone? Ever watched as the audience asked stupid questions and time was wasted (yes …

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How to PAY ATTENTION and Stay Productive While Traveling

Many of us travel for work and know sometimes it doesn’t feel productive and it can be really lonely. Our business includes speaking around the world visiting many airports, hotels and convention centers.  This means I still have to be able to ‘run and grow’ the business from the road

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