Pay Attention to Support Staff

employees talent behind the scenes employees support staffGiving Behind-the-Scenes Staff the Attention they Deserve.


What’s your commitment to your staff? Are you giving your support staff of employees who are behind the scenes as much attention and recognition they deserve? I’d like to give you five ways that you can pay even better attention to your …

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Retain Talent: Pay Attention to Employees

Retain talent employeesThink back through your career and recall the best boss you’ve ever had. What made them so special and unique?


Chances are better than not, they gave you authentic, frequent and personalized attention. Whether it was support for a project you were working or inquiries into your goals and …

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Our Addiction to Social Media

social mediaApps and social media are stealing our attention. We have become obsessed with likes, retweets, and finding the perfect gif response to post.

We miss the amazing play or moment at the concert because we are updating our Instagram.

We miss the bus because we are enthralled with the latest …

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Intentional Attention: Tips for Today’s Leaders

intentional attentionAs leaders, it’s important to not just listen to the words people say, but to really pay attention to the intent behind them as well. When we do, we can get a more in-depth perception of what our team members are really trying to communicate.


People, your team members, …

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Paying Attention to LEADERSHIP Versus MANAGEMENT – 5 Strategies for Success

LEADERSHIP Versus MANAGEMENTEver stop to pay attention to the difference between LEADERSHIP versus MANAGEMENT? One isn’t better than the other necessarily – but they do definitely take you down different paths.  Management is all about the right here, right now. Managing processes and people and staying in the status quo. Leadership, however, …

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Pay Attention to Employees – Drive Engagement, Improve Morale, Increase Productivity

employee engagementHow do you create a more cohesive, cooperative and creative team of employees?  Start by paying ATTENTION to what matters to them and their success.  Attention is a powerful tool to increase morale, productivity and accountability within your employee base. It starts, of course, with leadership.  Here are five tips …

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Attention to Employee Loyalty: The Inside Scoop on Creating and Keeping a Thriving Team


Employee LoyaltyHow do you create employee loyalty strategies that get your team to rise to the top and stay there both as individuals and as a whole?  How do you keep them from being recruited away, or experiencing burnout?


Start by paying ATTENTION to those key factors that drive …

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Decking the Halls and Dealing with Deadlines

How to Keep Your Productivity High and STILL Enjoy the Season

holiday deadlines

Holidays have you decking the halls while simultaneously trying to slide in under deadlines? Feeling less ho-ho-ho and more ho-hum because time seems to be ticking faster than a New Year’s Eve ball-dropping countdown? I know. It may be …

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Focus on Positive, Productive Employee Engagement


Employee engagement

When you’re in a position of influence or authority, there are ways to help your organization increase employee engagement and overall productivity.  Each day we choose to be boring or engaging, productive or complacent. When we attend meetings, create presentations and host conversations, we can either demonstrate enthusiasm for …

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How to Stay Relevant and Current in Changing Times

Stay Relevant modelIt seems one of the biggest challenges for leaders today is how to remain current and relevant in such changing times.

More than 3,000 books are published daily (and I am not talking electronic books), and there are more text messages sent and received on a daily basis than there …

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