Get Productive: Be Equipped for a massively productive year!

Today while reflecting on what 2013 would hold for us it struck me we need to be equipped. Equipped with the right tools to get it done, the right team to support the process and the time to make it all happen!

We can’t let the smaller things distract us …

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Get Productive: 5 Ways to Increase Productivity at the Firm

If you are in a role where you operate a billable hour model like so many of my professional services firms, implement these strategies to increase the productivity at your firm:

Employ professional administrative staff to reduce the opportunity costs (lost billable time) of anyone involved in management – you …

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Pro-Networking™Strategies for Attorney Business Development

Do you want to grow your book of business? Do you want to increase the profile of your practice? Do you want to build your community profile? If you answered yes to any of these questions applying simple strategies will increase your network and improve your business development activities to

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