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Have you been fired, furloughed or need to reinvent yourself? Here are some strategies for you

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Find yourself fired or furloughed?


Have you been fired, or furloughed or maybe need to reinvent yourself during this time?


Here are the strategies we are sharing with our clients – what would you add to this list?


Create a workspace – Find a space in your home that you will feel is your own and create an environment to get things done, make calls, update your resume, participate in Zoom calls and feel productive.


Create a morning routine – check your email, update social, workout, meditate, contribute to LinkedIn groups … whatever you need to do to make yourself feel valued and productive, start a new routine today.


Write a brand statement  – creating a personal brand statement to outline the value you share in the world is important for your resume, LinkedIn profile and job interviews. Write 2-3 sentences of what you are good at.


Refresh your resume – now is the perfect time to outline on one page your personal brand statement, work experience and accomplishments, education and contact information. Tip: write in achievements rather than just a job description. Share details of what you have achieved in each role, include metrics if you have them.


Update social profiles – now is the time to invest 15 minutes each day updating your social media profiles. Update your headshot, change your bio, add achievements to your LinkedIn page, write recommendations for others on LinkedIn, join groups you can add value on LinkedIn.


Create S.T.A.R.s – this is a behavioral interviewing technique. S.T.A.R is an acronym for Situation, Task, Action, Result. What this simply means is for every job they will be looking for evidence you have the competencies and experience they need. You can make a list of all the competencies you think the job requires i.e. sales, leadership, productivity, creativity, innovative thinking, strategic thinking, etc. and then outline examples where you found yourself in a situation (S) doing that, or maybe a task (T) you completed, what action (A) YOU took and what the result (R) was. Easy peasy.


Install the apps  – if you don’t have Zoom on your phone, now is a great time to get it. If you haven’t used LinkedIn for a while, now is a great time to update it. Make sure you know how to use the apps well so that if given an opportunity to meet with someone you are ready!

If you’d like to read a great book, check out Jenny Blake’s book, Pivot – so many great exercises and a fantastic process outlined in this resource.


So what would you add to this list? I can’t wait to hear your ideas!


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