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Great apps and websites to be more productive in meetings and life

By February 19, 2015One Comment

app for thatMy fave apps and websites if you want to be more productive using technology           

One of my clients recently asked me what are my favorite apps. What a question! My iPhone is filled with apps (some of which I downloaded and sounded great at the time… and then I never touched them again).

Here are the ones I use on an almost daily basis

Apps for life (you know… work and home)

LastPass – this simple system allows me have all my passwords in one location. I am constantly forgetting passwords so this makes my life really easy.

Evernote – if you are not using it, believe me. Just do it. It can capture notes; ideas, photos and I use it multiple times a day. It syncs on all your devices.

Noteshelf – it’s like an old fashioned notebook that allows you to write notes, create folders and stores them on a ‘book shelf’. I love it for my mind map summaries I draw from conversations, when I am coaching my clients or preparing for a keynote speech or writing a blog.

DropBox – this cloud storage system has saved me SO many times. I spend my weeks on planes, in hotels and convention centers. I have often needed access to a file for someone and voila … DropBox comes to my rescue.

Cozi – I use this for the shopping lists (and my honey can see it too) and you can use it to share calendar with your family and team.

Pzzizz – it’s a power-napping app – seriously. I love it and use it especially when I travel. Don’t believe me? Try it out for yourself.

Hootsuite – that’s how I sort through the crazy clutter of my Twitter feed and Facebook messages and scheduling messages too. It’s a consolidation tool and allows me to track the conversations and hash tags I am interested in.

Meeting websites and tools

Google calendar – my life is on Google. I use Google mail, calendar and it makes it easy for my team (and my honey) to be able to help me manage life. Enough said.

TimeTrade – this is a neat online scheduling tool you might enjoy exploring.

Doodle – funny name and yet it’s a great scheduling tool if you are attempting to get multiple busy people to commit to a time.

So that’s some of my favorites- what would you add?

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