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strengthsfinderbook2Many authors have written books around discovering your strengths (Marcus Buckingham and Donald Clifton) and one of my favorites is Strengths Finder 2.0  by Tom Rath (I love the online assessment at the back of the book and the ability to just read the top five it identifies for you – your top strengths. If you want to be more productive it is important to work at what you are good at.

Life is easier.

You make more money… and easier.

You have a greater sense of satisfaction doing the things you are good at.

In the Thought Leaders Global community our philosophy is:

  • Do what you love i.e. speaking, coaching, training, authoring
  • With people you love i.e. with your favorite types of clients
  • In places you love i.e. … well this could be anywhere on the planet!

Easy… right?

When we run our Million Dollar Expert – Sell Your Thoughts Program we help people really commercialize their expertise (make more money out of what you know and what you are good at). It is fun to watch experts realize the value of their knowledge, put it into practice serving the types of clients they enjoy hanging around with and providing a lifestyle for them and their families … all doing what they love working from their strengths.

What are you doing to work from your strengths? How are you leveraging your expertise?  We would love you to share your ideas with us here on our blog.

PS. If you want more ideas on how to commercialize your knowledge and brilliance – check out our programs on thought leadership and several eBooks you can share with your team.

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