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Want to sound more productive?

Talk time. Using time in your language to achieve results.

Talking time increases your own sense of time; it is effective in meetings, conversations and presentations.

If you have ever traveled to a country where English is not their first language you will realize the importance of understanding another language. On our first trip to Italy after leaving Rome we stayed in an olive grove in Tuscany, a tiny town called Calci where no one spoke English! Before our trip I had studied the language (well I had listened to DVD’s in my car … does that count)? Knowing phrases and possible responses allowed us to get around Italy, order food, converse with people in stores (while I didn’t know how to respond if people replied) the locals knew that I was trying and were very helpful.

Just like learning another language, talking time will show others around you a deep respect for their time and appreciation of how important time is.

Choose words wisely about time

Say ‘I didn’t choose to spend time on that’ instead of ‘I don’t have time”

Speak Productively: Create a language pallet

Want to save time in meetings?

Wish your emails were more concise?

Ever want to move a conversation along so you can focus on the next task?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to create a productive language pallet.  Just like an artist has a variety of colors for their pallet we can create a language pallet that increases productivity through simple phrases.

If you want to keep a conversation progressing use a simple phrase ‘let’s move on’. These three powerful words are not confrontational and send a direct message to progress the conversation.

If you are a in a meeting and people are side tracked try my favorite phrase ‘for the sake of time’ and then you can combine it with ‘let’s move on’. This sends a subtle signal to attendees that time is precious and you have more agenda items to finalize.

In a meeting five minutes before finishing I like to conclude ‘in the five minutes we have left, let’s agree action items’. This is another subtle way to remind people of the time and to ensure the meeting has agreed action plans.

To avoid email ‘thank you’ back and forth clogging up your inbox, try this simple closing in your email signature ‘thank you in advance for your help/assistance’.

When someone calls your phone without an appointment try this simple greeting ‘Great to hear from you, what is on your agenda for our phone call today?’ or ‘How can I help you today?’ There is no need for small talk and this friendly greeting allows your caller to get right to the point of the conversation.

Have a fabulously productive week,

Folding Time Tip:  Choose to talk time with your team today in all your meetings…I bet they are more effective and people notice… go on test it out.

PS. If you want more ideas on how to increase your productivity – check out other blogs here and several eBooks you can share with your team.

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