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Recently I read the great book The 5 Degree Principle by one of the best coaches I know (and of course I am bias as she is a friend and someone I admire). Shannon Cassidy, CEO of bridge between  has created an easy to read resource that is full of practical strategies you can apply to your everyday work and personal life.

Some of my favorite ideas from the book include:

The scarcest resource today is our attention – in our latest book Folding Time we also reiterate this important message. We need to engage others and give them the gift of our attention. Who needs more of your attention today?

Say no to say yes to the right things – I believe that no is a productive word. No is a complete sentence. No is a word people need to get comfortable with to allow them to achieve their goals. What can you say no to in your life right now?

Keep your promises – in such a busy world, now more than ever before our personal integrity has a massive impact on those around us. Do you do what you say you will do?

Ask a better question – if we want to be strategic leaders we need to ensure we are focusing our attention on the most impactful activities and most important relationships. How can you ask better questions of yourself and those around you?

At the end of every chapter Shannon challenges the reader asking them how they can create their own 5-degree change.

What small changes can you make each day that will lead to big results?

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