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Get Productive: Get in the Accountability Zone

By August 23, 2012No Comments

Great book by Sam Silverstein - No More Excuses

Infoepreneur, business expert, and international author, Sam Silverstein’s, battle cry of “No More Excuses” (also the title of his book) has been heard by companies and business professionals the world over.

We interviewed Sam to ask him about the role of accountability in the industries he is part of and ways that we could bring more accountability into our everyday lives. He shared the following leadership strategies with us:

Implement proactive accountability – in both your personal and professional life. Sam shared this is about knowing what you are accountability for.  In his great blog he says ‘when we relate this to managing our time we only have so much time during the day to achieve what it is that we need to achieve. What activities are we doing that are not moving us towards the achievement of our strategic intent? Because if we can figure out what’s not working us, we can eliminate that and create space to then bring in new activities so we can grow as individuals and grow our organizations’.

Bring accountability partners into your life – we have detailed this in other blogs and it was a great reminder, I was delighted to hear him share this as a key strategy. I like public accountability and when you declare it I believe you do it!

Build an accountability circle – this strategy is similar to a mastermind concept. A group of people you can share your strategic plan; help keep you focused and accountable to that plan.

When asked about the trends for accountability Sam believes that as companies get a leaner workforce they are looking for successful people to increase their accountability- this will become even more important.

Something he said really stuck with me; accountability is self-discipline. He explained that the people he knows that have achieved great success in their personal and professional life demonstrate self-discipline – he defined as focus, tracking results and holding themselves accountable.

Thanks Sam for sharing your brilliance with our readers.

What do you think? How can you get in the accountability zone? Share your ideas with us here on our blog.

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