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‘We do this together … alone’.

This phrase was shared with me by one of the Thought Leader Global partners earlier this year and it got me thinking. Often we collaborate on ideas, projects, and share resources however when it comes to the actual work… we need to do it ourselves!

This week I was fortunate to work with a group of clever women through the Million Dollar Expert Thought Leaders in Stilettos program. This two-day event helps clever women capture, package and deliver their expertise and commercialize their ideas. It was a blast at the gorgeous Four Seasons hotel.

To help prepare for this program we chose ‘together… alone’!  Access to brilliant resources, gorgeous slide decks and amazing videos helped me prepare the process, templates and system however to get a feel for the best way to deliver it for the group of women being served… I reached out to another partner who had run the program so many times before.

When you ask for help – you accelerate the results. Pete Cook, one of the brilliant Thought Leaders Global partners based in Australia, is obsessed with implementation and execution. His help in brainstorming how we could make this program even more valuable for the women was priceless. Every women left with practical tools and action plans they could implement immediately.

If you want to get more productive you can do things together… or alone… or sometimes both. When you are working on something important to you – we recommend increase your productivity – get help.

Thanks again Pete for not only being the rock star you are helping with the brainstorming for the event,  but also the encouragement and support!

What can you do together… alone? Share your ideas with us here on our blog.

P.S. If you want to hear some of Pete’s brilliance, check out his latest blog on the 5 things we need to stop saying so you can be more productive.

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