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The Power of WhenAre you a wolf, lion, dolphin or bear?

These are the questions posed to you by the sleep doctor, Dr. Michael Breus in his great book The Power of When.

If you want to know the answer, take his quiz, click here:

The Power of When helps you discover your chronotype…. if you don’t know what that is… neither did I!


Dr. Breus sharing in his book the best time to eat, sleep, ask for a raise, have sex (just a hint … it may not be the same time as your partner…awkward), take medication… and so much more.

I cheated when I read this book. I completed the quiz, discovered I was a Lion and then just skimmed the book to find all the tips written just for me. Voila, instant gratification and focused attention.


Great suggestions outlined for every type backed by research and an endorsement by Dr. Mehmet Oz … one of America’s favorite doctors (and one of my fave guests on Oprah… I miss her on TV).


If you struggle with productivity, lack of sleep, distractions, or maybe you just want to make some improvements in your overall health and wellbeing, this book is a great resource. Check it out  The Power of When today.


Want to know more? Check out this YouTube book review video and learn how Dr. Michael Breus can help you achieve more out of life!



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