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Don’t look now … but 2021 is just around the corner!

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How to finish 2020 strong

Are you ready to finish 2020 strong?

Don’t look now but the holidays are around the corner, yep next week!

2020 has not been my fave year. You?

COVID, stress levels increasing, industries impacted that I love travel, education, event planning, hurricanes, oh and it’s an election year, shall I go on?

recent health scare made me evaluate how I wanted to finish 2020.

Literally stopped me in my tracks and caused reflection on how to invest time and attention. Ridiculous that it sometimes takes something like that to wake us up!

So together, let’s focus on how we can finish 2020 strong.

Ideas to professionally finish strong:  

  • Conduct a skills audit– make an appointment to review your skills. What skills do you want (and need) to progress your career into 2021?
  • Review goals and targets – if you have sales goals or project deadlines, now is the time to check how you are tracking budget against actual. What adjustments do you need to make?
  • Check-in with your team – schedule fourth-quarter catchup, Town Hall, virtual retreat, or group meeting. How are your team doing after a very long few months (especially those working remotely)?
  • Complete budgets for 2021 – Have you considered plans for 2021 that might require extra funding, headcount, or expenses?
  • Make your end of 2020 To-Don’t lists – What needs to be deleted from your 2020 list? It’s OK you won’t get it done, give yourself a break.
  • Create your end of 2020 To-Do list –What are five things you MUST complete before the holidays (yes I mentioned the holidays in August)?
  • Make an appointment with your boss(or advisory board) – make sure you have the right language to position yourself and share your accomplishments and credibility to set yourself up for the best performance review.

If you need help with that last one (positioning yourself to your boss) let me know – email me


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