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Do you know someone who has been furloughed, fired or in career pivot?

By August 26, 2020No Comments
Need help reinventing yourself in your career?
We keep hearing from friends and clients they have been ‘furloughed’, fired, or they are experiencing a ‘career pivot’.
I wanted to explore a way to help them with our tools and knowledge, so if you know someone like that, maybe this could help them?
Here is a free version of the positioning framework I teach audiences (called the Attention Matrix), maybe you have seen me do it on stage or with the team?
This super short do-it-yourself program walks them through with videos and templates to help them get ready for job interviews, update their resume and social media profiles (and it can also be used by team members internally if they are positioning themselves for a promotion).
There is even a version where I build it for them, easy peasy.
If you know someone who is pivoting in their career please share this.
If this is YOU, maybe it is something you’d like to chat with me about, send me a note here.


Feel free to pass this along to anyone you think might benefit?

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