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Just do it overwhelmed

So there you are sitting with your bestie crying, laughing, complaining about life and I cry “we just need to do it overwhelmed” – so that’s what we did – it became our mantra. That was 12 years ago. ⁠

And it applies TODAY more than ever. ⁠

Regardless of where I find you scrolling by today, maybe you have your own business, or you are employed, or you have been furloughed, or you are trying to reinvent yourself. ⁠

I see you. We are all overwhelmed.⁠

The only thing we can control is how we show up for those we love and those we serve, forget about everyone else.⁠

Was reminded (by that same bestie) that the world needs the best version of ourselves we can manage to put out there, even if we feel awful, scared, and ugly. ⁠

So who’s with me? Who else is making this their mantra?⁠

Let’s just do it overwhelmed, together.⁠

You are not alone.⁠

That’s all.⁠

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