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Did you know March 8th is International Women’s Day?

By March 2, 2021No Comments

I bet the fabulous women you work with would be impressed you know about International Women’s Day! 

During COVID some times it feels like the last year was 10 years long… and sometimes it feels like time is rushing by… do you feel like that?

We are still tired.
We are still suffering from Virtual Exhaustion.

Stanford published an article on the four causes of Zoom fatigue, I think you will enjoy this and it’s worth sharing with your team as you navigate how to make your team’s day easier.

A few things you might like to try:

  • Convert some Zoom calls to phone calls.
  • Shorten any meeting you can.
  • Use instant messages to handle quick conversations and decisions.
  • Change meeting frequency.
  • Reduce the Zoom window screen size.
  • Hide self-view.

Zoom fatigue is real. 

We celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th.

Want to focus on how you can elevate the voices of women in your organization?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Appoint to lead important initiatives
  • Invite to present at internal events
  • Nominate to speak at external conferences
  • Call on them first in Town Hall meetings
  • Assign as mentors
  • Build into your succession planning
  • Recruit to your board
  • Build a women in leadership program (I can help you with that as I have created many for media, manufacturing, and medical clients)
  • Celebrate International Women’s Day

There are so many ways to improve your diversity and inclusion within your team. We share even more ideas in this video.

Neen James shares ideas for International Women's Day

What actions can you take today to elevate brilliant women in your organization?
We have created several custom sessions for our clients during COVID on topics including how to be more focused, how to navigate virtual exhaustion, and how to build relationships in our virtual world for clients ranging from media to manufacturing, and healthcare to hospitality if I can help you and your teamplease reach out and we can chat about additional resources you can share with them.

YES Neen, I need your help


Need ideas on how to be more focused this year? 

Download a FREE copy of my book, Folding TimeFolding Time complete book and share it with your team! Don’t forget today how much the world needs you. The world needs your voice.

People adore you.

People miss you when you are at work.

You are important.

… and don’t forget to remind someone else they are important to you too.

PS. If you’d like a “daily dose of Neen” where we chat about focus and productivity each day, text me 813-303-0086 

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