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coco chanelCoco Chanel said ‘a girl should be two things, who and what she wants’ – I love her.

If you want to be more ah-mazing, and have influence and impact in the world, you can create more significance by showing up as the best version of you! The world needs your uniqueness.

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Here are three strategies to help you honor your uniqueness:

Listen – you are welcome to listen to people’s feedback however it is up to you to decide what (and who) you will listen to. How will you listen to?

Know Yourself – know the best things about you, the strengths and the areas of your enhancement. I once had a wonderful boss called Barbara and she used to say “JJ, (that’s what she called me) you need to be able to tell me three things you are good at, don’t blink, don’t look away’. What are you good at?

As a professional speaker, when a client asked me to speak about a topic that isn’t my expertise, I simply recommend another great speaker, do what you are good at.

Show up – each day you get a choice to show up as the best version of yourself, that means the words you use, the clothes you wear, the attitude you bring – it’s all part of showing up. How will you show up today?

The world needs you, the best version of you. Today simply be ah-mazing!

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