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Be Ah-Mazing: Filter Your Feedback

By July 27, 20153 Comments


Ever had someone say ‘can I give you some feedback?’… And they don’t’ wait… they just launch into their opinions!


Feedback is an interesting topic of conversation. Recently I had an awesome opportunity to work with a client that is way outside what I would normally do. It was so much fun. There was a huge amount of feedback collected and 98% of it was great… and of course I focused on the 2%!


How do you handle feedback?


Three strategies that leaders of influence can do:


Hear it – listen to what people are sharing and then filter what best serves you for the goals you have. Also listen ‘between the lines’ to see if there are additional messages you need to hear. Hearing is not actioning… you might decide not to use it.


Choose it – choose how you will respond and who you will listen to. I have a group of people who have permission to speak into my life, I seek out their opinions and value them. Not everyone has the right to give you feedback. Choose what (and who) you will listen to.


Learn from it – if there are actions you can take, changes you can make or ideas you can create from the feedback …fabulous! If not, smile kindly and choose to ignore it. Not all feedback is useful.


Most of my corporate career I heard ‘Neen that’s just not the way things are done around here.’ And I’d simply ask ‘why?’ What could you do differently today?


I like to get feedback from people who are qualified to give it. If I want to know how I was as a speaker, I ask another professional speaker, if I want to know how my microphone technique was I ask the sound engineer and if I want to know if I gave great service I ask my client – simple! Seek qualified people to give you feedback.


Impactful leaders choose to listen and respond to feedback so they can honor their uniqueness and create more significance in their work, home and community.


  • Deana Travetti says:

    Great piece Neen. I especially appreciated your perspective about people who have permission to speak about your life.

  • Billy Moyer says:

    Great post, Neen. I love your final sentence: “Impactful leaders choose to listen and respond to feedback so they can honor their uniqueness and create more significance in their work, home and community.”

    One of my challenges is that often when I seek feedback, I am really seeking recognition or positive feedback. The feedback from people I trust that challenges is me is what helps me grow, but it is also at times the most difficult to hear. When I give some permission to speak about my life as you say, I need to be open whatever it is they have to say, not just the good stuff.

    Thanks for the insight! Make it a great day!

    • Neen James says:

      thanks so much for your note – I totally hear you! Seeking feedback is essential as we grow our leadership skills however we need to also make sure we are only seeking it from people who are ‘qualified’ to give it to us. Hope you are doing fabulously well.

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