Best Audience

  • Executives
  • Credit Union Leaders
  • Credit Union Team Members

As Credit Union leaders you are often
driven by three goals

1. Demonstrating value to your members
2. Attracting and retaining members
3. Engaging younger members

About the Program

Given the fast-paced nature of the business, though, it’s often easy to fall into the trap of focusing on metrics, rather than on the meaning behind those metrics.

But what if you create a system in your business that was just as good at building relationships as it is at building results?

Join attention expert, author, and sassy little Aussie, Neen James for this highly interactive keynote where you’ll learn how to do just that.

From the systems you need to build, to how to apply them to your business, to how to keep yourself (and your team!) accountable, you’ll learn everything you need to know now just build your team, but build a long-lasting clientele that’s dedicated to you and your offering.

Learning Objectives

  • Attract and retain new members and grow your credit union
  • Provide tools to increase existing member engagement
  • Accelerate member satisfaction through little-used attention focusing techniques
  • Help build better, more loyal relationships with members and vendors

Your audience will leave with the tools they need to be more focused which leads to increased engagement and stronger results


Credit Union National Association (CUNA)

Isabella Credit Union

Hutchinson Credit Union

Cornerstone Credit Union League

California Nevada Credit Union League

Abbott Laboratories Credit Union for Employees

Carolinas Credit Union League

Credit Union of Dakotas

Aspire Federal Credit Union

Pennsylvania Credit Union Association

“Neen’s ability to outline practical examples of how to better manage workload, be a better teammate/co-worker and better leverage your own individual work style is second to none. All this and she is an absolute joy to work with.”

T. Spiczenski, Chief Product and Services Officer, CUNA

“Neen is a phenomenal communicator. Her engaging, interactive style makes her presentations both interesting and highly effective. It is easy to see why Neen is so highly respected in her field. Whether one-on-one or for teams, business leaders would be wise to seek out Neen’s expertise.”

J.Hoyle, CEO, Isabella Community Credit Union

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